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Cyber Robustness: Hygiene, Awareness and Readiness

With an industry so often consumed in digitalization, the human factor, awareness, and the procedures needed for maintenance and security have often been overlooked. 

Cyber Hygiene consists of the practices and precautions that users of computers and other devices take in order to keep and ensure that their systems are working properly and securely—and that their data is safe and well protected. These practices are not often implemented and result in their systems and devices being compromised, stolen and/or corrupted. 

In this session, two aspects will be discussed: the need for having a routine cyber hygiene procedure in place for your computers and software—and the role of humans and awareness that is necessary in order to keep entities, and even states, safe.

Host: Zori Kor, Vice President, ASERO Consulting Services, Tel Aviv Office


The session is open to all attendees with relevant conference credentials. There is no need to pre-register for this session.


Greetings and Opening

Zori Kor, Vice President, ASERO Consulting Services, Tel Aviv Office

Introduction and Main Goal

Prof. Eviatar Matania, School of Political Sciences Government & International Affairs, Tel-Aviv University, Founder and former Director General of Israel National Cyber Directorate

Hygiene and Awareness – Fire Side Chat
Public Policy for National Robustness

Orit Tatarsky, Director, Training & Awareness Center Cyber Robustness, Cyber Israel

Inside Threat and Lack of Awareness – Lessons Learned

Moderator \\ Commander Meir Hayun, Head of Child on-line Protection Bureau, Israeli Police.

Participants \\
Patti Titus
, CISO/CPO, Markel Corporation
George Do, CISO, Equinix

Human Factor from the academic point of view
Cyber Readiness
Q&A with all Speakers