The banking and financial sector is at the forefront of cyberspace,  enjoying from the most advanced technology but also, being an attractive target for cyber criminals. On one hand, cyber technologies allow the financial sector to improve operational effectiveness, efficiency and better serve clients, as well as expand its services and share information worldwide. On the other hand,  the banking and finance sector is threatened more and more along the years. Financial institutes may lose not only money but more importantly, lose their reputation and fail to keep the privacy of their privacy. Cyber attacks against financial institutes may provoke financial instability, sectoral crisis and even war. 

Join this special event to analyze the roles and responsibilities of financial institutes, position holders and stakeholders in the banking and financial sector, when it comes to technology adoption, cybersecurity, and possible cyber incidents. In addition, the speakers will discuss how to improve overall resiliency and stability in financial institutions, including the debate on practical solutions for cyber risks such as automated sharing of information, security measures against ransomware, operational procedures and regulations written by a risk-based approach, exercise and audits. In addition, this special event will focus on cyber technologies affecting the financial sector, such as the blockchain and the cloud (private and public) - including the challenges and opportunities that come along with these technologies.

  • 18000Attendees
  • 180+Speakers
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