Cybersecurity Landscape In The 5G Era: Changes & Challenges

The Challenge

During the twenty-first century, particularly in the past decade, IoT (the internet of things) has revolutionized the communications industry; it will continue to do so in the forthcoming years.

This is especially true as humans become more connected to various devices that hold a variety of functions in their lives.
The rise of 5G is expected to lead to even more sophisticated instruments and a more comprehensive range of services, drastically changing IoT reach and the communications industry.

The 5G revolution makes cybersecurity more relevant to communications than ever before.

The DIscussion

The Cybersecurity Landscape In The 5G Era special event will be led by BG (res) Nati Cohen, Chairman of the Board CyberIL, Former C4I of the IDF and director of the Israeli Ministry of Communications.

This event will explore compliance with new 5G regulations and protocols, cyber threats, and opportunities that arise with it. In addition, the event will discuss international collaboration using real-world case studies, provide examples of cyber incidents as a backdrop, and present the partnership between the Israeli Ministry of Communications and the Israeli National Cyber Directorate.



January 30th, 4PM - 5:30PM


Hall I


The session is open to all attendees with relevant conference credentials. There is no need to pre-register for this session.