Real-Life Cyber Incident Simulation

The “Real-Life Cyber Incident Simulation” is a special event led by the Israeli Airports Authority (IAA), taking place on January 29th, 2020, with the objective to experience an on-going scenario where decision-makers meet the technical.

This event will gather international stakeholders from the aviation industry to discuss the multiple vulnerable points found within the aviation industry and respond to a real-life scenario presented by the IAA. While the technical staff will deal with the incident on the technical side, the speakers in the room will make decisions affecting the real-life operation and devolvement of the incident. 

This insightful session will focus primarily on global threats to the civilian aviation industry from securing the integrity of the world's largest air hubs to protecting individual flyer data. 

In addition to this special event at Cybertech Global in Tel Aviv 2020, the Israeli Airports Authority invites international participants on a guided tour of the Cyber Defense Center (S.O.C) on the morning of January 28, 2020 at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel (a separate invitation will be sent)


The session is open to all attendees with relevant conference credentials. There is no need to pre-register for this session. 


  • 18000Attendees
  • 180+Speakers
  • 200Companies
  • 90Startups
  • 160Delegations