Special Class: Introduction to Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is a proactive approach to cybersecurity that involves actively searching for and identifying potential threats that traditional security measures still need to detect.

In this special class, held for the first time at Cybertech Global Tel Aviv, you will explore the concepts and techniques of threat hunting, including the kill chain, the tools and technologies used, and the steps involved in conducting a threat hunt.

The participants will discuss the benefits of threat hunting and how it can help organizations defend against increasingly sophisticated

By the end of the session, attendees will have a solid understanding of what threat hunting is and the first steps of implementing it
in their organizations.

This class will be headed by DART lead trainer, Rony Munitz, who has more than a decade of varied operational experience in red teams, incident response, and threat hunting, both as an expert and a team leader. Over the course of his career, he has been involved as a senior red teamer, senior security researcher, and team leader in Accenture, XM Cyber, and Novartis.

Assisting in running this class will be Omry Hayon, EVP of Professional Services at DART. He leads DART's capacity building, training, and assessment projects.

Academic supervision will be by Dr. Yaniv Harel, former general manager of the Dell Cyber Solutions Group, Tel Aviv University CSO, ICRC.

Participation in this special class requires certain prerequisite knowledge. Therefore, Cybertech Global attendees should submit a registration request for this exclusive event by January 25, 2023. Invitations will be sent to those who meet the criteria.


January 30th, 3:30PM - 5PM


Hall G