The State of Cybersecurity in The Financial Sector

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The State of Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector event at Cybertech Global Tel Aviv 2023 will focus on the cyber hygiene of the FinTech industry.

Experts from Mastercard will present on research conducted by its RiskRecon team, providing visibility into risks and vulnerabilities amongst financial institutions and their stakeholders.
The event will illustrate the current cyber risk landscape of the financial sector in the context of other industries and geographies.

Through this session you will:

Gain insight into the overall cyber hygiene of the Financial Sector and how it compares to other sectors Understand common vulnerabilities and trends, as well as recommendations for mitigation See the prevalence of third-party providers and their potential impact on an organizations’ cyber posture Explore non-traditional methods of understanding third-party risk including e-commerce website cyber posture.

Participants in cybersecurity and risk positions from any sector would benefit from attending this session. Following the presentation there will be an opportunity for questions and audience engagement.


January 31th, 2PM - 3PM


Hall K


The session is open to all attendees with relevant conference credentials. Space is limited, therefore it is recommended to pre-register.