Elisabetta Zuanelli

Emeritus Professor, University of Rome TorVergata; UN Expert on AI, Italy

Elisabetta Zuanelli Full Professor, Emeritus, since 2016, University Rome "Tor Vergata", President CReSEC, www.cresec.com 1987-1992 Counsellor of President of the Council of Ministers Head of Department of management-computing sciences School of Economy and Finance, 1993 to 2004 since 2000 President R&D of PRAGMEMA srl: (www.pragmema.it , www.aquasearchportal.it and cybersecurity ontology platform Pragmema POC) UE Expert 2005 -2007 in eContent Plus and security 2010-2014 Scientific Committee/ International Referee for IEEE / MEEM since 2016 Coordinator PPP, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, National Plan for education&training in cybersecurity (www.cybersecurityprivacy.it) since 2000 Scientific responsible R&D of the ontology modelling of AI architectures: search engines (ecommerce, water, etc.), iconic indexing, cybersecurity and data protection (the Pragmema POC Platform) Since October 2020 Expert Roundtable 3C on AI at the UN for a multi-stakeholder advisory body on global AI cooperation 2021 Referee of the HCI 2021 Conference Since 2022 NATO, STO Technical Team: SAS-IST-179 on Semantic Representation to Enhance Exploitation of Military Lessons Learned.