Lt. Col. (Res.) Tamir Goren

Director, Strategic Programs, Israel National Cyber Directorate, Israel

Mr. Tamir Goren (Lt. Col. Res.) leads strategic programs at the INCD, including the national aviation, maritime, railway and health programs. He is in charge of various national initiatives and international collaborations, aimed to enhance cybersecurity in these sectors in Israel and globally. Mr. Goren is a former IAF fighter pilot. In his civilian career Mr. Goren has gained significant executive experience in the fields of cyber security, simulation, training and media. He has led the development of fighter-plane simulators for a number of air-forces around the world. Prior to joining the INCD, Mr. Goren co-founded a number of companies, the last of which developed a cloud native cyber security training and simulation platform. Mr. Goren holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science (cum laude) from Tel-Aviv university, and an MBA from Herzliya IDC.