Mark Gazit

CEO, ThetaRay, Israel

Mark Gazit is president and CEO of ThetaRay – bringing new trust to the global financial ecosystem with AI-powered transaction monitoring solutions. Mark is a world-renowned leader and expert in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, fintech, IT, and big data analytics. He has pioneered revolutionary changes to connect nations, create innovative products, and drive shareholder and investor value. Mark has built partnership ecosystems encompassing the US and other international leaders, military agencies, federal law enforcement agencies, and Fortune 50 executives. Today, Mark serves on numerous industry boards. He is currently Chairman of the Public Board for Cyber for the Israeli Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), member of the Technology Board of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and board member of the Israeli American Chamber of Commerce. Prior to ThetaRay, Mark was acting CEO for NICE Cyber & Intelligence Solutions, a homeland security solutions company serving governments, law enforcement agencies, security, and intelligence agencies. He also previously served as group president, CEO and board director of SkyVision Global Networks, a global secure network company serving enterprises, financial institutions, and government entities in emerging markets. In addition, he has held senior leadership roles with Deltathree and Netvision. Mark served in an elite technology unit in the Israeli Air Force, receiving top military awards for Technological Achievements.