Daniel B. Garrie

Adjunct Professor, Harvard University, USA

Daniel Garrie, Esq. Is the co-founder of Law & Forensics, a global legal engineering firm (www.lawandforensics.com). He holds several forensic and cybersecurity patents and is the co-inventor of Tabletop.ai, an enterprise cyber risk platform (www.tabletop.ai) and Custodytrack.io, a Web 3.0 evidence management platform, (www.custodytrack.io). Additionally, Mr. Garrie serves as a Neutral with JAMS (www.jamsadr.co/garrie), is on the board of the Legal Cyber Academy (www.legalcyberacademy.com) and the Journal of Law & Cyberwarfare (www.jlcw.org). Daniel also enjoys teaching in both academic and courtroom settings. He is a professor at the Harvard School of Continuing Education, where he teaches Information Security, Computer Forensics, and Cyber Security Law. He has presented to crowds of 500+ teaching lawyers, judges, and students across the globe. Educating and training hundreds of federal and state court judges, CISOs, general counsel, and executives on technical, business, and legal issues relating to cybersecurity and cyberwarfare. Lastly, Daniel has taught cyberwar and cyber security law at Rutgers School of Law, Cordozo Law School, and U. Conn Law School.