Nunzia Ciardi

Deputy General Director, National Cybersecurity Agency (NCA), Italy

On 16 Sept., 2021, Nunzia Ciardi was appointed by Mario Draghi, then Italian Prime Minister, as Deputy General Director of the Italian National Cybersecurity Agency. From January 2017 for more than four years, she was the Chief of the Postal and Communications Police, the highest Italian Police authority in cybercrime. She was in charge of directing and coordinating units specialising in the protection of the country's critical infrastructures, cyber-terrorism, in the constrast of economic and financial cybercrimes and in the prevention and combat of cybercrimes towards people and minors. She is a board member of Women4Cyber Foundation, an initiative launched by the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), born to implement the involvement of women in the cybersecurity sector. She is also an honorary member of the Italian Chapter Women4Cyber Italia. In 2021 she was the winner of the Inspiring Fifty 2021 Italy award, conferred by personalities from the world of business and academia to women who act as role models in the world of technology.