Sebastian Kurz

Co-Founder & President, Dream Security, Austria

Sebastian Kurz is the former Federal Chancellor of the Republic of Austria and is now an entrepreneur, consultant and investor. His political commitment started in high school when he joined the youth wing of the Austrian People's Party and later became its leader while studying law at the University of Vienna. In 2011 he entered the federal government as State Secretary for Integration. After the 2013 legislative election, Sebastian Kurz became the country's youngest foreign minister. In May 2017 he took over the party leadership as chairman of the Austrian People’s Party and led a successful election campaign in the general elections which the People’s Party won again for the first time in 11 years. He was elected twice as prime minister of Austria and in December 2017 Sebastian Kurz when he first entered office, he was the youngest Chancellor in Austrian history and at that time also the youngest Prime Minister elected in the world. In December 2021, Sebastian Kurz left politics and started his career in the private sector as entrepreneur, consultant and investor. He is president and co-founder of Dream Security, a cybersecurity company with offices in Tel Aviv and Vienna that creates a holistic solution for the protection of critical infrastructure.