Gilad Banet

Head of Startegy (Cybercriem), Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD), Israel

Gilad Banet, a seconded Chief Superintendent in Israel National Police's Cyber Division with 32 years of service, is currently the Head of Strategy (Cybercrime) in INCD’s Strategy and International Partnerships Department. In his current position he engages with multiple stakeholders in various cybercrime-related projects and initiatives, with specific references to cross-jurisdiction cooperation and strategic alignment, national cross-agency risk management mechanisms, capacity building and legislative amendments. Additionally, he coordinates INCD's activity and strategy in relation to various projects and initiatives, which are being affected by digital sovereignty. Since 2013 and prior to his current position, he served as INP's Head of Cyber Strategy and Partnerships, an analyst and Acting Head of INTERPOL's Cyber Fusion Centre in the organization's Global Center for Innovation, and legal counsel for INP's National Cybercrime Unit.