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Israel - Romania Cyber Forum

This special event is part of the Cybertech TLV agenda. To participate in this event, you must have (at least) 1-Day Conference Pass. 

Romania’s IT market is one of the fastest growing markets in Central and Eastern Europe, where 45% of IT Managers having their budgets increased in the next years.
This in turn, implies that the portion of this increase will also go for boosting cybersecurity teams and overall defenses of many organizations, especially in traditionally highly-regulated industries.
Moreover, Romania is the lead nation for NATO’s trust fund on cyber defense, which represents a substantial contribution to Ukraine’s effort to develop its defense capacity.      
Ensuring the cyber security is based on cooperation at national and international level. Romania has several collaboration with different countries and organizations in the field of cybersecurity
Israel has in recent years become a cybersecurity powerhouse, as its large ecosystem of cyber startups experienced significant growth. In the past years the collaboration between Romanian and Israel in the field of cybersecurity increased. There are several success stories in areas like critical infrastructure and banking and the relations between the countries in the cyber domain are growing fast.
Romania and Israel have an amazing potential for cooperation in this domain both in the private and governmental sectors. The Romanian great needs, high level human capita and challenges are complementary to Israel’s capabilities and know-how.

The seminar will focus on the Cyber cooperation that is being built between Israel and Romania. The audience will be multinational, private and governmental companies from both countries as well as government officials.
We will talk about challenges, solutions and future technologies together with Romanian and Israeli high government officials and leaders of cyber security industry.  The speakers in this seminar are the top experts from both countries.
They are coming to share their knowledge in order to utilize the extraordinary potential between the two countries in this filed and maximize the existing and future cooperation.

The event will be held on 16:00-17:30. 

To participate in this event, you must have (at least) 1-Day Conference Pass. 

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