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Noam Krakover

Professional Expertise:

Cyber Domain: Strategic and operational issues, doctrine development.
Specialization in Content Management of the following:

  • Expertise in cyber defense.
  • Management, command, direction and training of diverse work staff.
  • Direction of technological disciplines in select organizations.
  • Initiation and execution of multidisciplinary projects at the cutting edge of cyber technology.
  • Experience in issues of: planning, budgeting, prioritization, marketing and management control.

Work Experience

2018 - Present: IAI/ELTA – Cyber Division Chief Strategy officer (CSO)
2016 - 2018: Head of Intelligence and assessment Division in Strategy and Policy Division in National  
                            Cyber Directorate in Prime Minister’s Office
2013 - 2016: Head of Intelligence branch in National Cyber Directorate in Prime Minister’s Office
2004-2012: Leading and participating in various Cyber-Focused Projects