Dr. Carmit Yadin

CEO, DeviceTotal, Israel

Leader, researcher, author, and speaker with extensive business and technical skills in the field of cyber security and intelligence. As a cyber expert and business development specialist in this extremely demanding sector, my intellectual knowledge and understanding of the cyberworld enable me to stand out in a globally competitive market.
After serving in an elite IDF unit for cyber intelligence, I have spent the last decade working with leading high-tech companies in the cyber industry. During this time, I was actively involved in developing programs for leading Israeli companies – at RAD-SIlicom (NASDAQ-listed), I spent most of my time focusing on Algorithmic Research and at Alvarion (NASDAQ-, and TASE-listed), I served as Chief Information Security Officer.
In 2016, I joined the Vital Intelligence Group as CISO and Director of Cyber Division, and in 2018, I co-founded ArcusTeam with a group of cyber intrusion professionals whose main expertise lies in preemptive monitoring and post-attack eradication. Together, we developed a next-generation enterprise device security solution that is easy-to-deploy, centralized, agentless and unbiased. With this solution, enterprises can be proactive and not reactive about their connected device security.
My most significant advantage is my ability to combine strong business and technical skills to drive proven and outstanding results. In addition to my cyber skills, I am also a business leader with a background in various IT industries, and I have experience in communication and building relationships in multicultural environments. I am a seasoned expert in many areas of business and possess specialized and proven expertise in business competition management in the technology sphere. I am also the author of “How to Boom B2B Sales” and a TED speaker.

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