David Nieto

Director, Airports and Aviation Security, Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA), Spain

David Nieto is the Director of Airports and Aviation Security at Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) and member of the management board of the Agency since 2013. David is currently moderator of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Study Group on Cyber Security in Civil Aviation.

Passionate about cibersecurity, safety and security in aviation, David has had several managerial positions in Spanish CAA related to the oversight of safety of airports and air navigation, aviation security and cibersecurity.

The Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) is the state body that ensures that civil aviation standards are observed in all aeronautical activity in Spain, with competences in oversight, inspection, planning / management of air transport, aviation safety, air navigation, airport security. The body also assesses the risks in aviation safety through hazard detection, risk analysis and assessment, continuous process for control and risk mitigation. More info at: https://www.seguridadaerea.gob.es/es/quienes-somos/que-es-aesa

Large experience in complex projects management related to aviation, in particular with airports and air navigation systems
- Expert on cybersecurity. Responsible for the implementation of cybersecurity framework in aviation in Spain
- Certification of the Spanish network of airports and of the air navigation service provision,
- Oversight of the liberalization of air traffic services provision in Spain
- Supervision of the airport regulation document in terms of regulated investments and quality of service. - Responsible for the oversight of aviation security in Spain
- Deep knowledge on environmental framework and sustainability in aviation.

Broad international experience in leading committees reporting to European Comission, European and International Organizations and Professional Associations, being part of High Level Spanish delegations at international events and collaborating in international cooperation projects. Fluent in English and French.

Deep experience in coordinating and negotiating with all kind of public sector entities and private organizations in a broad variety of domains (aviation, transport, public health, defense, police forces, environment protection, energy, foreign affairs, markets&competition and all kind of professional associations).

Goal oriented, expertise in change management, crisis management, negotiation skills and public communication. I strongly belive in a leadership fostering responsibility, cultivating commitment, creating a shared aim, inspiring action, fostering communication, knowledge management and innovation.