Pavel Gurvich

Senior Vice President, General Manager, Enterprise Security, Akamai, Israel

Pavel Gurvich is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Akamai’s Enterprise Security business within Akamai’s larger Security Technology Group. He is responsible for Akamai’s Zero Trust–focused security solutions, including microsegmentation, Zero Trust Network Access, and multi-factor authentication. He is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Gurvich joined Akamai in October 2021 as part of Akamai’s acquisition of Guardicore, where he was co-founder and CEO. In 2013, he co-founded Guardicore to protect enterprises from damage caused by breaches, like ransomware, while safeguarding critical assets at the heart of the network. Guardicore’s microsegmentation solution complements Akamai’s extensive Zero Trust security portfolio to provide comprehensive protections to enterprises, defending against threat actors and the spread of malware and ransomware. He co-founded Guardicore after spending 12 years as a cybersecurity expert in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), where he started as a programmer and ended up managing 100 engineers at one of the IDF’s top R&D units. During his service, Gurvich was awarded the Israel Defense Prize by Israel’s President and Minister of Defense. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo.