Kazu Yozawa

CEO, NTT Security Holdings, Japan

Kazu has more than 12 years of experiences in cyber security related services and has been Chief Executive Officer of NTT Security group since April 2021. Before CEO, he had led NTT’s broader cyber security team for Global R&D of Managed Security Service as CTO, and responsible for business in Japan as CEO of NTT Security Japan. Before integrating NTT’s cyber security related firms, he has been supervisory board member of one of security firm called NTT Com Security since 2009 and also heading NTT Communications Cyber Security taskforce from 2012. Before cyber security services, he had started several new managed services at NTT, including Enterprise Hosting and private cloud services, desktop management services, Data Center services and managed network services at both in the US and Japan since 1997. Before 1997, he had engaged in NTT’s R&D, on transmission technologies, visual communications, etc.