Tom Alexandrovich

Executive Director, Active & Technological Defense Division, INCD, Israel

Mr. Tom Alexandrovich is the Executive Director of the Cyber Defense Division. ★ Founder of the National Israeli “Cyber Dome” program & The National overall approach for Active Cyber Defense (ACD). ★ Co-Founder of the Israel National Aviation cyber security program. ★ Protecting Democracy | Election Cyber Security & Resilience Expert. ★ National Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) & National SOC (N-SOC). Expert in cyber IT & OT, Critical Infrastructures (CNI) Protection and Resilience. Have experience in multi millions $ cyber projects. Have years of extensive knowledge in the areas of InfoSec and Cyber Having a deep understanding of the integration between the business need and the world of information security. Have substantial experience in managing and motivating processes in the governmental, private and public sectors. Expertise in Defense & Resilience of Cyber security especially in CNI: • Aviation • Energy • Railways