Yevgeny Dibrov

Co-Founder & CEO, Armis, Israel

Yevgeny Dibrov is the CEO and co-founder of Armis, the leading unified asset intelligence platform. Yevgeny co-founded Armis with Nadir Israel in 2015 to address a critical challenge businesses were facing and still are today — helping organizations discover and secure managed, unmanaged and IoT devices. Yevgeny started his career in IT security in the Israeli Intelligence Corps’ renowned Unit 8200. Prior to founding Armis, Yevgeny held senior product management and business development roles at the cloud security startup Adallom, where he was also the first employee hired; Microsoft acquired Adallom in 2015 for $320 million. Yevgeny is an active investor in security startups, including Epsagon, which was acquired by Cisco, and Trustdome, which was acquired by Zscaler. He holds a bachelor’s of science degree in computer engineering from Israel Institute of Technology. In addition to being dedicated to protecting society and companies from cyberattacks, Yevgeny is passionate about social justice and equality. He is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he is actively involved in finding ways to improve lives and create opportunities in local communities.