Orit Tatarsky

Director, Capacity Building, INCD, Israel

Orit Tatarsky directs the capacity building center and oversees the various INCD initiatives in that field. Her core responsibilities are to facilitate professional capabilities and skills - among Critical Infrastructures, Government's workforce and other professional target audiences in the private market, facilitate sectorial, national and international cyber exercises, methodology development, alongside developing and running national programs to increase human capital employed in the cyber industry. Orit is a retired IDF LTc., and served over 25 years in various software R&D and command positions at IDF's technological units, in her last position, she was the head of IDF's IT & Cyber defense Academy, and continues to serve as reserved officer. Orit holds a B.A in Computer Science and Economics from Tel-Aviv University and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from a joint program of Tel-Aviv University and Northwestern University.