Ariel Levanon

VP Cyber Security,  NVIDIA,  Israel

Ariel Levanon is an expert on cyber security and managing complex intelligence projects. Mr. Levanon currently is Nvidia Networking VP Cyber Security , responsible for defining Products Cyber security architecture, roadmap and solutions for AI Based Cloud Security infrastructures. His areas of expertise include cyber threat intelligence as well as cyber security networks analysis. He specializes in Cyber security for complex systems and networks, including Hardware and Software technologies 

Mr. Levanon brings with him more than 20 years of working experience in Cyber & Intelligence leading positions. Ariel served as a Major in the IDF’s intelligence unit for 17 years, where he led several Cyber & Intelligence Groups dealing with highly complex technological projects that received Special awards for Excellence

Mr. Levanon holds a B.S.C in Electrical and Software engineering and an M.B.A from Tel Aviv University, specializing in Technological Management & Entrepreneurship, Cyber-Security and Marketing Management