Guy Philippe Goldstein

Author of Babel Minute Zero, France

Guy-Philippe Goldstein is a researcher on cyber-defense, a consultant and a fiction writer. He is a lecturer at Ecole de Guerre Economique (Paris) on cyberpower, and contributes to the academic journal of the INSS (Institute for National Security Studies) in Tel-Aviv on cyberdefense topics. He is also an advisor for PriceWaterhouseCoopers on issues such as cyber-defense impacts on corporate valuation & management, or the future of cybersecurity, and an advisor to ExponCapital, a VC fund based in Luxembourg. He has been named on of France top 100 Talent in cyber by Usine Nouvelle, a national business magazine. His acclaimed novel, Babel Minute Zero, is a forward-thinking look at the role of cyberwar in global geopolitics. It has been cited by former Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu as an influence on him when the Israeli government developed new foundational initiatives on cyberdefense in the early 2010s.