Information for visitors

Information for visitors to Israel in April 2024

As part of your visit to Cybertech Global Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv Sparks Innovation Summit, we've compiled essential information for your arrival and stay in Tel Aviv.

In the city, life continues as normal, with its usual activity. Tel Aviv’s cultural attractions, beaches, hotels and restaurants are operating normally.

Flights: Numerous airlines currently operate regular flights to Israel. If direct flights are unavailable, connecting flights can be arranged through nearby destinations.

For airline activity updates, please visit:…;

Public Transportation:

  • Buses: Public transportation services have largely resumed normalcy nationwide, adhering to security guidelines. Please anticipate potential disruptions in location apps, payment, and enforcement. Stay informed of any changes via the National Public Transportation Information Center at 8787*.
  • Trains: Israel Railways has resumed regular operations. Stay updated on train services via the Information Center at 5770* or the Israel Railways website:


Insurance information for visitors to Israel in April 2024

Following requests received by our participants to Cybertech Global Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv Sparks Innovation Summit, we would like to share with you one of the choices for insurance for participants who do not have the option to get travel insurance to Israel due to the situation.

Tourist Insurance Information (obtained through Hilit Insurance Agency)

The link to the website for filling out the health declaration:

Menorah Leumit insurance - provides the widest coverage.

Total cost: either 13 NIS per day (up to age 65) or 16.4 NIS per day (from age 65 and older).

The policy includes, among other things: basic coverage, including visits to a family doctor, professional medicine, referrals to a hospital, all medications in the Israeli health basket, and emergency treatments for toothaches.

Note: The health policy does not include photographs/complex tests/vulnerability because
of any road accidents.

*Coasts and coverage are subject to change.

Important note:

The health declaration can be filled out seven (7) days before the start date of the insurance 

(due to the validity of the declaration).

However, it should be considered that if the respondent marks "yes" to any question in the health declaration, the application must go to the insurance company’s underwriting department which can take up to a week.

As such, the recommendation is to fill out the health declaration at least two weeks in advance
for those who might be considered to have medical problems.

Please be sure to choose the option of Foreign Passport Owner (not Worker Tourist) on the Menorah website and then in the National one.

In addition, to allow the Hilit Insurance Agency to track and assist our guests, in the ‘Comment’ section, please type in the name of the conference: CYBERTECH TLV.

For any assistance with purchasing your insurance, please call the Hilit Insurance Agency customer service at 073-263-2000 or the bot at 052-6228-1285.

For inquires to the Cybertech Global Tel Aviv & Tel Aviv Sparks Innovation Summit team, please reach out: [email protected]

We wish you a pleasant stay.


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The Cybertech Global Tel Aviv Team & the Tel Aviv Sparks Innovation Summit Team