Rahav Shalom-Revivo

Head of Financial-Cyber Innovation and International Engagements, Ministry of Finance, Israel

Rahav Shalom-Revivo established and manages the Financial-Cyber Innovation and International Engagements unit at the Israeli Ministry of Finance. Shalom-Revivo leads the Financial-Cyber International Relationship activities – with foreign governments, regulators, and financial institutions. She develops and leads international financial-cyber simulations and exercises such as Collective Strength, international financial-cyber simulations for 13 finance ministries and global financial organizations that were held in 2021-2022 and focused on the financial impacts that resulted from a dramatic cyber-attack on the international financial eco-system. 
Shalom-Revivo is the founder of the Fintech-Cyber Innovation Lab program for the Ministry of Finance, the first initiative in the world that leverages governmental assets and data in order to promote fintech and cyber startups in an open innovation platform. Shalom-Revivo established leads the Fintech Ladies IL community, and is also part of the national committee to promote women in the science and tech industries. She was nominated by lattice80 in the category of “Top 100 Women in the Fintech industry in 2019 to know and follow.”