Eddy Thesee

VP Cybersecurity Products & Solutions, Alstom, France

Since September 2018, Eddy Thésée has served as Vice President of Cybersecurity Products & Solutions at Alstom. Before joining Alstom, Eddy worked in consulting companies implementing mathematical algorithms for the prediction of stock market prices or the conduct of oil drilling. In 1999, Thésée Joined Alstom to support the activities related to “Year 2000” mitigation. After several positions in IT for Alstom’s global operations and end-user support, signaling, turnkey & infrastructure, and Asia Pacific, Thésée was put in charge of processes, methods, and tools for signaling and digital mobility. 

Thésée’s current responsibilities include the definition of the cybersecurity strategy for products and solutions across Alstom's portfolio; the execution of cybersecurity activities in projects and new products; and the development of the cybersecurity standalone business, which allows Alstom to provide services and solutions answering to the growing demand in the railway market. Thésée’s strong background in IT was built from his leading positions in information systems management. He was responsible for change management and transformation projects in the areas of ERP deployment, system engineering (requirement and configuration management), software development, and operating systems development. He is passionate about hacking and new technologies.

Thésée is an energic leader who has gained international exposure, with teamwork, commitment, and consistency as part of his management style. Thésée studied mathematics, telecommunication, information technologies, and psychology at the University of Rene Descartes in Paris, and holds a master's degree in these disciplines. He lives in Paris, France, with his daughter.