Raviv Raz

Cloud Security Manager, ING Bank, Netherlands  

An application security veteran, Raz has merged his passion for hacking and AI into cyber innovation initiatives, disrupting multiple industries, including network access control; web application firewalls; static application security testing; and breach & attack simulation. Currently, he serves as head of private cloud security for ING, the world’s first and foremost online bank. 

Leading up to his current position, Raz founded Codefix, an ING Innovation initiative aimed at finding and fixing Java source code vulnerabilities using large language models. Before joining ING, Raz founded Cykick Labs (acquired by Alarum Technologies), a pioneer in web behavior analytics, pegged by Gartner as one of four disruptive trends in cybersecurity. Cykick Labs was established to empower government, telecom, and banking organizations with early-threat intelligence based on anomalous user behavior detection.

Raz is an avid hacker and open-source software contributor. His software tools have been used by tens of thousands worldwide, including the famous R.U.D.Y (R-U-Dead-Yet?), which was featured on the TV drama series, Mr. Robot.