Amir Sagie

Cyber Affairs Coordinator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel

Over the past three years, Sagie has served as the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinator for Cybersecurity affairs at the Strategic Affairs Division. With over 25 years of diplomatic experience, he is a career diplomat.
Before assuming his current role, Sagie held positions such as Chief of Staff and Senior Diplomatic Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. He also served as the Deputy Consul General in New York, one of Israel’s largest missions worldwide, where he coordinated the political activities of the consulate across five North-Eastern and Mid-Atlantic states. Additionally, he maintained regular contact with experts involved in major foreign policy and strategic issues at think tanks and universities in the region.
Prior to these roles, Sagie was the Director of the Civil Society Affairs Department of the MFA and served as the Deputy Director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Policy Department. He also managed the online infrastructure of the MFA and supervised the China, Korea, and Mongolia desk.
Sagie's diplomatic postings include positions at the Israeli missions in Beijing, China, and in Lisbon, Portugal. He holds a B.A. in Chinese & East Asian Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and graduated with honors, earning two M.A. degrees in Political Science from Tel Aviv University and Haifa University, focusing on Diplomacy and National Security.