Jonathan Jacobi

Project Manager Officer, 8200 Graduate, Israel

Jacobi, who started his computer science degree at the age of 13 and completed it by the end of high school, possesses extensive experience in the field of cyber security. His wide-ranging experience includes working for Microsoft's and Check Point's Vulnerability teams, lecturing at one of the biggest cyber security conferences (Chaos Communication Congress - CCC), and delivering a TEDx talk as a teenager deeply passionate about technology.

In 2018, Jacobi, alongside friends from different countries around the world, co-founded “Perfect Blue”, ranked as the #1 hacking competition (CTF) team in the world!

Over the past 5.5 years, Jacobi has served in 8200, the IDF’s elite intelligence unit, working on and leading some of the most cutting-edge and complex technological projects of the Israeli Defense Forces.