Shlomo Touboul

Founder, Spark Israel Innovation, Israel

Shlomo Touboul is a pioneering figure in the cybersecurity industry, whose entrepreneurial journey began in the early days of Israel's tech scene, a time when startups were rare and venture capital scarce. Against this challenging backdrop, he founded Shany, a venture that not only thrived but also caught the attention of Israel's first public VC, Mofet, and subsequently, the tech giant Intel. The acquisition of Shany by Intel marked a significant milestone, showcasing the potential of Israeli technology on the global stage. 
Following his success with Shany, Touboul 's innovative drive led him to establish Finjan in 1996, a company that introduced behavior-based anti-malware technology, fundamentally changing the cybersecurity landscape. Finjan's groundbreaking approach propelled it to a Nasdaq listing and eventual acquisition, further cementing Touboul 's reputation as a visionary leader. 
In addition to Finjan, Touboul continued to impact the cybersecurity domain through the founding of Yoggie and AirEye and his role as CEO of Illusive Networks. With a career underscored by over 40 disruptive technologies and patents, Touboul 's work has not only achieved an Israeli record in patent revenue, generating over $400 million, but has also significantly advanced the field of cybersecurity. His story is a testament to the power of innovation, visionary leadership, and the transformative impact of entrepreneurial spirit in the tech industry.