Ofer Ben Noon

Co-Founder and CEO, Talon Cyber Security , Israel

Ofer Ben-Noon, Prisma SASE CTO at Palo Alto Networks, Co-founder and CEO of Talon Ofer is a seasoned entrepreneur with vast cyber security experience. Ofer was the co-founder and CEO of Talon, the leading Enterprise Browsing Platform. Following the recent acquisition of Talon by Palo Alto Networks, he serves as Prisma SASE CTO. Prior to Talon, Ofer was the founder & CEO of Argus, the global leader in automotive cyber security, which was acquired by Continental AG in 2017. Ofer led Argus to protect over 60 million vehicles globally. Prior to it, Ofer served as Captain in the IDF Cyber Intelligence Unit 8200 and was a team member of two Israel Defense Prize winning projects.