BG. (Res.) Nati Cohen

Chairman IBC, CyberIL, Israel

Netanel (Nati) Cohen is the CyberIL end IBC board chairman. Before his current role, Cohen served as the Director-General of the Israeli Ministry of Communications. Cohen holds the rank of (ret.) Brigadier General in the IDF, where his last position was Chief Communication and Information Technology Officer. Throughout his military career, Cohen held various strategic positions and played a pivotal role in leading the IDF's digital transformation. This included strategic planning and budget execution, cyber defense initiatives, communication strategies, and the establishment of the Cyber Defense Division.

During his tenure at the Ministry of Communications, Nati spearheaded essential reforms, such as the deployment outline for optical fibers across Israel and the G5 tender. He also championed the concept of cyber protection for the communication sector in Israel and played a key role in establishing the sectoral SOC within the national CERT.

During the Swords of Iron War, Cohen volunteered for an extended reserve service and led the establishment of the network control center, which facilitated multi-dimensional warfare through digital means. Cohen holds both a bachelor's and a master's degree.