Mark Gazit

Chairman, NEWS Navigation and Co-Founder & Former CEO, ThetaRay, USA

Mark Gazit, a globally recognized authority in cybersecurity, AI, fintech, IT, big data analytics, and telecom, is a dynamic force in driving early-stage companies to unparalleled heights. His tenure as a Board Director spans public corporations, private entities, and venture capital-owned enterprises, and extends into influential roles within industry associations, academic realms, and governmental bodies. 

Known for his mantra of 'making the impossible, possible,' Gazit's career is a testament to bridging nations, innovating products, and revolutionizing industries. As the driving force behind ThetaRay, he catapulted the company into its status as the world’s leading authority in AI-based big data analytics for financial cybercrime prevention. Under his leadership, ThetaRay introduced the first AI technology capable of detecting criminal schemes across complex, international transaction paths.

Previously, at NICE Cyber & Intelligence Solutions, Gazit led the transformation of homeland security products from hardware-based solutions to advanced algorithms, significantly enhancing intelligence agencies' capabilities in capturing criminals. His spirit broke ground with Skyvision Global Networks, introducing secure satellite communications to over 50 countries across Africa and the Middle East, challenging and overcoming widespread skepticism. His tenure at Deltathree established the company as a VoIP pioneer, winning accolades for resilience during the 9/11 attacks. As a deputy CEO of Netvision, Gazit was instrumental in introducing the Internet to the Middle East. 

Gazit’s expertise in raising capital, building partnership ecosystems, and establishing government relations, has been pivotal in transitioning startups to industry leaders. His advisory and board roles, including significant contributions to NGOs, reflect his commitment to leveraging technology for global security and business excellence. Gazit’s influence extends through speaking engagements at premier conferences, shaping the discourse on AI innovation, fintech, global growth, and cybersecurity. As a mentor and coach, Gazit has guided CEOs and industry leaders. His journey from fostering startups to steering multinational companies toward industry dominance illustrates his leadership, innovative mindset, and unwavering dedication to making the world a safer, more connected place.