Thanos Charistos

Supreme Court Attorney at Law, Nexus Law Firm, Greece

Thanos Charistos was born in 1977 and graduated from the German School of Thessaloniki. He studied Law and Political Sciences at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and obtained his master’s degree (LLM) in Commercial and Economic Law from the same university in 2002. He has periodically contributed articles to various publications for topic legal issues. During 2002-2004, Charistos worked as a legal consultant to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, and then he practiced law at his father’s law office, Loannis Charistos and Associates, focusing on commercial and civil law. 
In 2010, Charistos co-founded Primius Law Firm and since 2016 has been the managing partner of Nexus Law Firm, together with Alkinoos-Thomas Konis. Charistos is a Supreme Court lawyer and has handled a wide range of civil, corporate, and real estate cases with great success. He is also a legal counselor to several companies and other legal entities.