Inna Tokarev Sela

CEO and Founder, illumex, Israel

Inna is the founder and CEO of illumex, the pioneer of Generative Semantic Fabric for automated data & analytics interpretation. Throughout her career leading Data Products monetization and as a data stakeholder, Inna recognized the oxymoron of our domain: despite huge investments in data and analytics, most business decisions are still not based on data or insights. Therefore, she brings her vast industry and academic experience to solve this conundrum and help data and business teams scale trust-based decision-making. Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey with illumex, Inna was VP of AI at Sisense and Senior Director of Machine Learning at SAP. She led the product and GTM for cloud and machine learning, built AI-driven platforms within the organizations, and established data science departments. She authored several patents on knowledge graphs, natural language and deep learning, and she is a frequent speaker at leading D&A and AI conferences. Inna is a graduate of the Stanford MBA executive program, and holds an MSc in information systems with neural nets, and a BSc in physics and computer science from Tel Aviv University. She has 20 years of experience with data, analytics and graphs. Inna leads the Israeli chapter of Women in Data.