Erika Kuročkina

Vice-Minister of Economy and Innovation, Republic of Lithuania

Erika Kuročkina has served as the Vice-Minister of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania since April 2023 and is responsible for the defence industry and innovation policy, promotion of innovation in the public sector (GovTech), open data policy, reform of the digitization of public sector services and digitization of the Lithuanian language reform, and public procurement policy. Before taking up the post of Vice-Minister, Kuročkina served as an adviser to the Minister of Economy and Innovation, focusing on building the open-data ecosystem in the public sector. She was also part of the governmental team that changed the legal approach towards private and public data centres, the use of cloud technology, and the creation of the digital embassy. Additionally, she initiated a digital entrepreneurship programme. Prior to her tenure at the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, Kuročkina held the position of Chief Official at the Financial Department of the Vilnius City Municipality Administration, where she was involved in international activities in various EU projects.