Bob Flores

Former CTO, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), USA

Bob Flores is the Founder and CTO of Applicology Incorporated, which specializes in cybersecurity risk assessments, cloud migration strategies, and technology due diligence. Flores is also a Senior Partner with OODA LLC, a global strategic advisory firm with deep DNA in global security, technology, and intelligence issues. He is a board-qualified technical executive (QTE) and an advisor to several early-stage technology companies, as well as co-chair of the Cloud Security Alliance Software-Defined Perimeter Working Group. 
Before joining Applicology, Flores spent 31 years at the Central Intelligence Agency where he held various positions in the Directorate of Intelligence, Directorate of Support, and the Directorate of Operations. Toward the end of his CIA career, Flores spent three years as the CIA’s first enterprise Chief Technology Officer. Florea holds both a Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in statistics from Virginia Tech.